Millennium Falcon 4504


Please contact us to be added on the waiting list 


Custom Light kit for Millennium Falcon 4504, should work with 7965. 

- No Lego set, pieces, minifigs or paper instructions included 

- Additional lego pieces required for installation (not included with light kit)


Pro Plus light kit includes

- 2 pro modules

- 16 white lights (8 LED wires)

-  6 extensions (3 x 6", 2 x 12", 1 x 24")

- 1 AAAx2 battery box (batteries not included)


# of lights in the Falcon:
- 4 Headlights
- 2 Cockpit
- 8 Hyperdrive
- 9 Engine
- 2 Boarding Ramp
- 1 Chess board
- 6 Interior


Installation Instruction Photos


Front Cockpit 



Example Illustration of attaching bulb

1st: run wire through hole, 

2nd: attach 1/2 pin onto bulb,

3rd: push pin into hole & fasten


 Interior Lights




Boarding Ramp



LED bulbs are directed toward the back using clips.

Replace the dark red 1x2 plate with clips.




Hyper drive tube held on by 1/2 gray pin. LED bulb goes through the back  hole.


Bulb goes through the back hole.



Change the black 2x4 brick into 2x4 technic plate with 3 holes. LED bulbs go through the 3 center holes 

LED bulbs come through from bottom grill holes.

Center LED is held by a clip so it stays in place.

Control Modules - Overall Bottom view.


Battery box secured in plate with a 4 x 6 plate Studs on Edges.

Only 3 wires going to the front: 2 pair for the front headlights & 1 pair in the cockpit.

It's not as complex as it looks and there's many ways to install lights,

you might find a better way while trying it out for yourself.


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