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Lego Ideas

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Carnivorous Worm is our 1st Lego Ideas Project, please visit and support at

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Click on image to support our Lego Ideas project!

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Instruction Books

Custom Instruction books are available for purchase in our Store

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Lego piece can be purchase from A XML parts list is included with your instructions purchase. It contains part numbers, colors & quantities for easy ordering on

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YouTube Reviews

• Custom Ninjago Training Temple, Battle Arena and Hopper coming soon!

• Custom Starcraft Hydralisk, Mutalisk, Broodlord & Zergling coming soon!

• Custom Ninjago & Starcraft creations are one-of-a-kind & may be sold in the future. Please message us if you're interested

• Bane's Camouflage Tumbler back in the workshop!

• Custom Batcave and The Bat suspended

Brick Lights


Brick Lights are currently not available, we're working on a new improved version. Stay tuned!

Galleries and instructions can be found at our Flickr page